A Wes Anderson Inspired Elopement in Copenhagen

May 10, 2020

Cinematic Elopement in Denmark

This Copenhagen elopement is a mashup of Wes Anderson and Kinfolk Magazine. With a focus on symmetry and muted color palettes, this elopement in Denmark was focused on captured details in a simple, yet out-of-the-box way that upended wedding stereotypes.

In addition to being inspired by Cinema, Copenhagen itself is one of the most incredible and beautiful cities for a wedding. With rich, beautiful colors and textures, there is something deep and moving about Copenhagen that speaks wonders to creatives. Using these colors and textures as parts of the story was a really incredible way to get to interact with one of my favorite cities in the world.


Wes Andersen is a favorite filmmaker of mine! This elopement was beautifully shot! Bravo!

This is SOOOOO cinematic and unique. I love that you played on that theme and did it so freaking well!

These are so cool!! Was the couple a huge fan of Wes Anderson’s work? I love his movies! <3

Ahhh this is so beautiful, especially the photos of them in the field. I am in love!!

I was so excited to see this post because I LOVE Wes Anderson! This vibe is GOALS!!!! You did an amazing job!

These are very cool! I’m loving the lines, angles and textures. Beautiful work.

All the moody vibes – these image are killer!!

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