Best places to Elope in Iceland

Over the past decade, I’ve photographed over fifty weddings and elopements in Iceland and wanted to compile as much information as possible into the best Iceland Elopement Locations.

While there is no shortage of beautiful places in Iceland, here are some of my favorite recommendations

Reykjanes Peninsula

Only 50 minutes from Reykjavik and this peninsula is teeming with some incredible locations in Iceland—in my opinion, some of the very best. Here are my favorite places.

Gunnuhver – A geothermal area, there is a lighthouse, rocks jutting into the sea, and stunning electric-blue water.
Grindavik – Along the south coat near Grindavik are beautiful vistas, black sand, caves, red rock formations, and endless coastline.
Kleifarvatn – This lake is surrounded by black sand and has amazing views at the lake, as well as the mountains surrounding it.
Krýsuvík – This amazing area has geothermal pools and amazing mist along with beautiful, sand colored rock formations
Blafjoll – This winter ski area, in the summer time, is a stunning region of beautiful rocks, huge cliffs, and scenic getaways.

Central Iceland

Only 50 minutes from Reykjavik and this peninsula is teeming with some incredible locations in Iceland—in my opinion, some of the very best. Here are my favorite places.

Öxarárfoss – This waterfall within Thingvellir national park is a stunning place for any wedding photos.
Hjalparfoss – With the chance to walk around on a more secluded pace, this area is beautiful for dropping in and taking your time without the rush of tourists.
Haifoss – Haifoss is hundreds of feet high and is a stunning place to share your vows for your intimate Iceland elopement.
Hekla – Out in the middle of nowhere is this mountain peak. With nothing but emptiness around this area, it’s an amazing place to have Iceland all to yourself.
Selfoss – While Selfoss is a town, there are an endless amount of beautiful spots within miles of Selfoss that are often unexplored and turned aside, simply because they aren’t easy to identify or don’t appear on a guidebook.

West Iceland

As you head towards the Snæfellsness Peninsula, you begin to encounter some new kinds of scenery that is unlike most of Iceland. While it is incredibly remote, Western Iceland has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

Kirkujufellfoss – This amazing mountain formation looks like the steeple of a church and is an amazing backdrop for your wedding vows.
Snæfellsjökull – The glacier after which the Peninsula is named is one of the most incredible places in West Iceland. A national park, this glacier allows you to traverse across it on a 4×4 car along road F570. This entire section is an amazing area to elope.
Rauðfeldsgjá Gorge – This gorge has secret caves and is the perfect place to stop on your wedding tour of Iceland.
Arnarstapi – With incredible black cliffs that fall off into the sea, Arnarstapi is unique in Iceland and has one-of-a-kind access to volcanic cliffs.
Gerðuberg Cliffs – These cliffs stand in the middle of nowhere, but are an amazing backdrop and a beautiful place that can start a journey off the beaten path.

South Iceland

When people think of eloping in Iceland, they often think of South Iceland. This stretch of road along highway 1 has some of the most scenic and iconic landscapes in all of Iceland. While it is touristy, it is that way for a reason.

Skogafoss – This iconic waterfall is the site of most Iceland Elopements. it is a stunning sight to behold and an incredible place to begin your journey.
Seljalandsfoss and Gljufrabui – These sister waterfalls are located next to each other. Seljalandfoss is the most famous and you can walk entirely around it, which can lead to stunning wedding photos. Gljufrabui is known as the “secret waterfall” and is just a few hundred feet away and inside a cave.
Vik – Known for their Black Sand beaches, this section of Iceland is known for it’s mountain-to-sea landscape that is covered in green (in summer) and black sand year round.
Dyrhólaey – This natural preserve has amazing cliffs that is on the opposite side of Vik—it is incredibly scenic and allows you to get hundreds of feet above the sea. Because of some of this height and an overview of the valley below, it’s an obvious choice for your Iceland elopement.

East Iceland

East Iceland is so often overlooked for weddings. Despite having absolutely stunning views, mountains, landscapes, and glaciers, there simply isn’t as much infrastructure out these ways, which tends to get overlooked. Additionally, the region is actually quite large and it means that options can be hard to narrow down because of how much is available. We would encourage you to not pass over East Iceland for your elopement—it’s typically quiet and stunningly beautiful.

Fjaðrárgljúfur – This canyon is one of the most majestic places imaginable for an elopement in Iceland. With the river running through it, it is a sight to behold.
Svinafellsjokull – This glacier lagoon is smaller and lesser-known, but just as stunning and uniquely beautiful.
Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon – The glacier lagoon is iconic for southeastern Iceland and one of places you can’t miss as you drive the ring road. It is truly otherworldly and an wholly unique backdrop for a wedding.
Höfn – This small town is your last stop before you start heading north along the eastern edge of Iceland. The mountains and views near here are some of the largest and best in all of Iceland.
Búlandstindur – The base of this mountain and the surrounding fjord is a beautiful place to step out and explore the nature of east Iceland.
Flögufoss – This waterfall, while more out-of-the-way than others is one of the best waterfalls in eastern Iceland.
Thingmúli – This cascading waterfall in East Iceland is a remote and beautiful place to elope.

North Iceland

North Iceland requires a lot of intention to visit if you’re not doing the Ring Road. It’s often left behind due to timing, but there are some craters, waterways, and coastline in the north that is unlike any other in the world. This area can be one of the most amazing for a small wedding in Iceland.

Hverfjall – This volcanic crater is like an upside-down mountain. Covered in black sand, this area is a remarkable place to elope and have your intimate wedding.
Krafla – With electric blue water, this crater is absolutely stunning and such a unique place for wedding photos in Iceland
Stuðlagil Canyon – Rising out of the earth, this canyon is very rarely visited and is something that is often driven past due to it being out of the way. It’s worth a stop to see the majestic walls and unique formation of this canyon.
Goðafoss – A series of waterfalls, this system makes an amazing backdrop for elopements.
Mývatn – A lake system in northern Iceland, Myvatn is a beautiful region to plan your wedding around—there is so much to explore within a short driving distance from the lake.

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